Miscellaneous News Stories and Other Items on George Orwell

Waterstone's top books of the century
Modern Library's list of the top 100 English novels
The Observer's 100 greatest novels
Books for Orwell-lovers
Orwell's Handy Word Choice Hints
Orwell quotes from The Orwell Reader Web Site
Internet Movie Database listing for Orwell
Orwell Filmography (O. Dag)
Orwell Microfilm Collection
Jura Hotel - Isle of Jura
Orwell on Jura
Wigan Council Home Page
Visit Wigan (Tourism)
Orwell's Wigan Pier reinvented for history buffs
Orwell is funny
Stephen Holt on Jim Maloney (Australia's Orwell)
George Orwell Web Ring
All about Tea
Chemists Seek Perfect Cup of Tea -- for Orwell
Writer discovers 'first Orwell film'
First film of George Orwell found
All's not well with Orwell
Orwell Rolls in his Grave - The Film
Song for Orwell - "George, You Only Told the Truth"
George Orwell's Langford Court flat is for sale
John White visits Orwell's favourite pub - "The Moon Under Water"
Big Brother sings!
Police watched Orwell for leftist leanings
Makeover for Orwell's India home
Orwellian vision and Bihar polls
Another piece of the puzzle. Letters by Eileen Blair have been found.
Orwell estate orders halt to Animal Farm Fringe show
Jura offers a taste of old Scotland
Christopher Hitchens sees Orwell as journalistic guide
Malaysia to levy fines for poor speech
Characters who 'shaped the world'
Oooh er, missus! Saucy seaside postcards still go for bust
Jura Duty
Milk destroys health benefits of tea
Files reveal struggles of the New Leader
Orwell 'assaulted his girlfriend'
Eric & Us: The Postscript
Eric & Us. The website from Finlay Publisher.
Tom Wintringham exhibition
Spanish Civil War tour around Barcelona.
Electronic music remix album of Orwell's 1984
George Orwell Festival. Coming to Letchworth and Wallington in 2011. Festival will be a literary event along with theatre performances, cinema and a book fair.
"Portrait of a Woman, Inez Holden" sold in London by actress Elizabeth Taylor
Henley rejects 40,000 request to launch a George Orwell centre


Keeping track of pupils is a task for people, not machines
The Great Indian School Show
Malaysia to fingerprint babies
Wal-Mart to use infrared to track shoppers
Surveillance system spots violent behaviour
Scottish school is first to use palm-vein biometrics
Britain is becoming 'Big Brother' society
RFID tattoos for tracking cows ... and people
Government could slow motorcycles down, track routes
CCTV to safeguard speed cameras
Sarnoff wants to scan your iris without your knowledge
Big brother will be watching you fly
Hitachi develops RFID powder
Police in Sussex are encouraging motorists to spy on each other 'Big Brother' style
Snoopers paid to sit at home watching store security cameras
Video surveillance going green?
Texas schools tracking students with RFID chips

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