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Pictures of George Orwell and his World

Childhood drawings by Eric Blair

From Eric Blair to George Orwell

Orwell's Wives
Orwell's 2nd wife - Sonia Brownell

Sonia Brownell

Pages from the manuscript of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Orwell's Scottish retreat on the Isle of Jura
Barnhill in the morning sun
Front view of Barnhill
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Orwell's grave in the churchyard at All Saints
Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire
George Orwell's grave in the churchyard at All Saints

Here lies Eric Arthur Blair
Born June 25th 1903
Died January 21st 1950

Eileen Blair's Grave
St. Andrews and Jesmond Cemetery (Newcastle)

George Orwell's Spain

Plaša de George Orwell
Mirador de las Tres Huegas pass
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Memorial wall plaque for Orwell in Barcelona

Memorial wall plaque in Plaša de George Orwell

Cafe Moka in Barcelona

Cafe Moka
Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona

Poliorama Theatre

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Tore Mentyjaervi following the "Ruta Orwell" in Aragon and having coffee in Huesca.
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