Animal Farm
by George Orwell

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Animal Farm - British and American First Editions

Publishing Data

First Edition (Above - Left)
Published by Secker and Warburg (London) on 17 August 1945. Edition of 4,500 copies. Imprint states: "First published May 1945" but publication was actually delayed by 3 months due to paper shortage. Binding: Green calico textured cloth on boards.

First American Edition (Above - Right)
Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company (New York) on 26 August 1946. Edition of 50,000 copies. Imprint states: "First American Edition". Binding: Black calico textured cloth on boards.

Kolgosp Tvarin - Ukrainian First Edition (Right)
Published by Vidavnitstvi Prometei (Munich) in 1947. Two thousand copies distributed to Ukrainian refugees. Paper bound. Contains important preface that Orwell wrote especially for this edition.
Animal Farm - Ukrainian First Edition

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