Biographies and Bibliographical Information on George Orwell

George Orwell Biography. A nice introduction to George Orwell's life and work.
Dag's Orwell Project. Also available in a Russian language version.
Remembering George Orwell > Shadows of Orwell
George Orwell Homepage
The Orwell Reader
Japanese George Orwell site
Portuguese Orwell site
Andy MacDonald's Orwell Picture Gallery
A profile of Orwell arranged around photos
In the Picture: Orwell, India and the BBC
Literary Pilgrimage to Jura
George Orwell: Voice of a Long Generation
The Pursuers of Orwell
My Own Private Orwell: Why the high priest of dystopia still matters
Orwell still revered figure
At the gates of Animal Farm
Orwell's autobiographical preface to the Ukrainian edition of Animal Farm
New York Times obituary for Orwell
All's not well with Orwell

The Chestnut Tree Cafe
Alan Allport's Orwell web site (1997-2003)

Introduction ~ Essays ~ Themes ~ FAQ
Orwell's adopted son
Biographical sketch from People Weekly


George Orwell in close-up
The road to publication
Sonia Brownell - Orwell's second wife
Putting on her Orwell's widow act
Why Orwell Still Matters by Christopher Hitchens
My Problem With George
Reviews of "The Complete Works of George Orwell"
Where He Wrote: Periodicals and the Essays of George Orwell


George Orwell Archive at UCL
The British Library
UK National Register of Archives: George Orwell  Eileen Blair
Orwell book collection of Daniel J. Leab at Brown University
Google News search for "Orwell"
Orwell Microfilm Collection

George Orwell Centenary (1903-2003)
Articles collected in 2003 during the Orwell centenary year

Margaret Atwood: Orwell and me
The Straits Times: Four legs good, two legs bad
Gwynne Dyer: Orwell was wrong, but on the right track
Time Europe: Orwell Up Close
Big brother a reality on Orwell's 100th birthday
USA Today: Big Brother 2003
Radio Free Europe: Celebrating the Centenary of Orwell's Birth
The Guardian: Orwell's centenary
The Guardian: Blacklisted writer says illness clouded Orwell's judgement
Ananova: Milk goes in first for the perfect cuppa
National Business Review [NZ]: Orwell's centenary: How he lives on
NYT: If It's 'Orwellian,' It's Probably Not
Washington Post: Orwell at 100: Revisiting a Life Steeped in Contradictions
Hindustan Times: A passage from India
William Gibson: The Road to Oceania
Orwell speaks to us, a century after his birth
Baltimore Sun: Orwell was a radical for all reasons
Orwell Legend Comes Under Review 100 Years On
Tech Central Station: Answering Orwell
Party Like It's 1984
CNN: Orwell's 1984 stirs debate in 2003
Don't blame the technology for 'Big Brother' society
AP: Orwell centenary passes without fanfare
Bihar discovers its link to Orwell
The Economist: Britain's literati celebrate a secular saint